Snapshot Day is here!

Today is the big day and we need as many Snapshot Day participants as possible from ALL types of libraries. Even if you only have five people walk through your door, that number helps increase our total count. Every question you answer adds to our total and every customer who uses your library matters! We want to show the impact our libraries have on residents of New Jersey on a daily basis, so please join us in this effort.

Simple form to participate can be found at: http://njla.pbworks.com/Snapshot

Our wiki also contains sample press releases, useful handouts and easy directions to upload your photos to flickr. Last year, we had more than 1,000 photos uploaded and we want to surpass that number this year.

So please, make your counts, get some comments and stories from your customers and take some photos. Let’s capture a day in the life of New Jersey’s libraries!

Any questions, call on our committee members, Marian Bauman, Director, Neptune Public Library (732) 775-8241, mbauman@neptunetownship.org or Ingrid Bruck, Director, Long Branch Public Library, 732-222-3948, ibruck@lmxac.org


Snapshot Day 2 is almost here — are you READY?

Snapshot Day is Wednesday, October 7, 2009. We want to top all the statistics from last year, so we are calling on ALL types of libraries to participate, large, small, school, academic, special, public – EVERYONE is urged to participate.

All the information you need is on our wiki: http://njla.pbworks.com/Snapshot

Print out the “Snapshot Day Form” and keep it at all of your public service desks to make it easy to capture the day’s activities.

Remember, you can pick ANY DAY to participate between now and October 16. Please upload your statistics by October 16.

Our wiki has easy instructions for uploading your photos to flickr.

The more libraries we have participating, the more impressive our final statistics will be, so please spread the word and ask your colleagues to participate!

The Snapshot Day Committee is here to help you, so please contact us if you need any assistance.


Tell us about it!

Did you do something special for Snapshot Day in February? Do you have plans for this Snapshot Day?
How did you use the results and statistics you collected?

SHARE those ideas and suggestions here in the comments of this blog!


Snapshot Day Success in 6 Simple Steps

ALL libraries are welcome to participate.

Step 1 – Let your staff know you are participating in Snapshot Day on October 7, 2009. Build up the excitement!

Step 2 – Visit our wiki: http://njla.pbworks.com/Snapshot. Print out the form, review it with your staff and keep copies at all of your service desks.

Step 3 – Keep up to date by reading our blog

Step 4 – Participate on October 7, 2009 (or whichever date you’ve selected)

Step 5 – Submit your statistics, comments from customers and photos by October 16.
(It’s easy! Step-by-step instructions and helpful handouts on our wiki)

Step 6 – While the day and activities are fresh in your mind, USE the results! Great ideas for how to use them are already on the wiki!

Still confused? You can call or e-mail two of our committee members: Marian Bauman, Director, Neptune Public Library (732) 775-8241, mbauman@neptunetownship.org or Ingrid Bruck, Director, Long Branch Public Library, 732-222-3948, ibruck@lmxac.org


Snapshot 2 — October 7, 2009

It’s time for Snapshot Day #2! We know that many of you participated in last February’s very successful Snapshot Day and we hope to have even more participation this time around. This time Snapshot Day will be celebrated on October 7, 2009.

The New Jersey State Library and the New Jersey Library Association need your help. We want to take a snapshot of a typical day in the life of New Jersey’s libraries. What would New Jersey be like if there were no libraries? What services do we provide on a daily basis that simply go unrecognized and unappreciated? We have created a survey (a BRIEF survey!) to collect data. We will be sending you a link to the form ahead of time so that you can see the kinds of data we will be collecting (How many times today did you help someone work on a resume? How many people did you help apply for a job online? How many story hours did you offer today – to how many attendees?)

All the data will be collected online. We will collate all the information we receive and package it so that you will have powerful statistics available, i.e., “If all of New Jersey’s libraries had been closed on October 7 2009, 1,356 people would not have been able to apply for jobs online” “If all of New Jersey’s libraries had been closed on October 7, 2009, 3,200 people would not have been able to apply for unemployment benefits.”

If you can, please plan a special event for this day so that you can capture it in story and in photos. Perhaps you have a kindergarten class coming in – you could contact the school ahead of time to arrange permission to take photos. Last February’s event captured powerful quotes from library supporters, so include your customers in Snapshot Day by encouraging them to write comments expressing how important libraries are to them.

We’ll be sending out a link that will take you to our online survey. You’ll be able to print the survey out ahead of time so that you can see what kind of information we’d like you to capture. We’d also like you to take photos and we’ll have instructions showing how you can easily post your photos to flickr. The first Snapshot Day event collected more than 1,000 photos and we’d like to top that this time!

If you can’t participate on October 7, just pick an alternate date to make your count. We will need to have all counts in by October 16, so feel free to pick a date in the weeks preceding or following October 7.

Keep watching this space for further information. If you have questions, contact Peggy Cadigan or Heidi Cramer.

The Snapshot Day Committee:

  • Peggy Cadigan, New Jersey State Library, co-chair
  • Heidi Cramer, Newark Public Library, co-chair
  • Heidi Amici, Monmouth County Library
  • Marian Bauman, Neptune Public Library
  • Michelle Brewer, New Jersey Hospital Association
  • Ingrid Bruck, Long Branch Public Library
  • April Bunn, NJASL
  • Trevor Dawes, Princeton University
  • Karen Klapperstuck, Monroe Township Public Library
  • Pat Massey, NJASL President
  • Mary Moyer, NJASL Legislative Committee Chair, NJEA Liaison
  • Connie Paul, Executive Director, CJRLC
  • David Pinto, Stockton State College
  • Patricia Tumulty, Executive Director, NJLA
  • Carolyn Wood, West Deptford Library, NJLA PR Committee

Snapshot 2 is coming!

Due to the success of Snapshot: One Day in the Life of New Jersey Libraries on February 19, 2009, a second Snapshot is planned for October 7, 2009.

Watch here and at the Snapshot website and wiki for details and tips for using this information at a local level.

For More Info:

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